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Our Terms

These are the terms and conditions on which we supply products to you –

1. The Software Service means only a web based access to the ERP software of the Company. The Software Product is not the subject of purchase; only the right to use it Software as a Service (the service licence) is provided.

2. The Service Licence, means an access to the web based software to use Software as a service (or SaaS). It is responsibility of the Customer to pay service license cost, upgrade, use and manager their own data.

3. The Parties mean the Company on the one hand and the Customer on the other. So as to avoid doubt, both Parties declare that they conclude the Service Licensing terms in connection with their business.

4. The Contractual Relationship means a legal relationship between the Company and the Customer established only by the Service Licensing terms.

5. Neither Party, shall use the trademarks, service marks, data, proprietary words or symbols of the other Party during the Service Term period or thereafter.