V-OFFICE360 is the only software which offers everything any organizations requires in both SAAS/Dedicated environment and in low cost. None of the softwares provide entire office automation solution in SAAS mode and in low cost.

Since module is inbuilt with ERP and integrated with other modules, this helps in relieving the burden of manual data entry, prevents common human errors, helps businesses and accountants when tax time comes around and allows the user to look at in-depth reports of how their entire business/office in dashboard.

Comprehensive HR Management, Recruitment Management, Advanced Payroll Management, Saturatory Compliances, Accounting & Bookeeping, Sales & Customers Relation Management, Lead Management, Call Logger, Projects & Tasks,Project Roadmap, Staff Workload & WFH Statistics, Timesheets & Leave,Geo Based Online Attendence, ToDO List, Account Planning Module, Expanses, Goals & Appraisals, Purchase Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Financial Controls, Live CHAT Communicator & Status Tracker, MailBox, Knowledge Base, Online Appointment Scheduler, Ticketing & Support, Feedback, Spreadsheet Online, Online File Sharing & E-Signature, Online Flowchat & Diagram Maker, Team Whiteboard, Utilities, Dashboard, Reports & MobileApp.

Does your company using different tools for different functionalities like Project Mgmt, HR Mgmt, Payroll, Hiring, Team Collabaration, Asset, Leave & Attendence, Business Development, Customers, Document Mgmt, TechnicalSupport etc.?

Spending lot of time and cost on day-day activites like projects, staff, operations, processes & statutory norms and planning to simplify the system.

If you are a startup company not aware of what all tools required to manage your organization. This can help as onestop solution for your entire organization to automate.

An organization who provided WFH feature and facing challenges to manage them and looking for real time virtual working environment to collobarate, monitor, share & track etc.?

Your company using many tools which increases complexity since to maintain different licenses, more man power to support and more cost.?

Any organization, who wants to streamline and elevate your company image by using en-to-end automation with low cost, improved productivity and focus more on business rather than day to day activities.

Being as a CEO, do you want have all performance parameters of your organization in a single DASHBOARD as a graphical reports form, act quickly and improve performance your organization as a whole.?

Yes. Since V-OFFICE360 offers both SAAS/Dedicated platform and hosted in scalable environment, can handle any number of users. So can be used by startup companies as small as 50 employees to large enterprises.

V-OFFICE360 lets you execute HRMS, Recruitment, Payroll, Goals, Accounts, Asset, Projects, Tasks, Sales, Customers, Invoices, Purchases, Call Log, Expanses, Support Tickets, Live Chat, Attendence, ADocuments, Sharing, diagrams, online Excel etc., all from a single window rather than navigating through confusing various softwares/logins.

Since all the modules are in a single software, easy to maintain softwares, licenses, contract expiry etc.

Since followed standard templates, naming convenstions etc no need any learn time. May be one day would be enough to understand entire office modules.

SAAS based solution to ready to use and migrate your data.

Dedicated solution would take 2 days to deploy and start migrate data.

With many successful implementations, our unique implementation methodology ensure that your system is up & running in a week time depending on the company size.

V-OFFICE360 brings entire office functions into finter tips through its mobile app so that can operate/manage office from any where.

Our collaborative implementation process ensures complete transparency on policy configuration so that the customer is never in the dark.

We believe in giving more power to customer by providing access of product to setup and enter data on their own.

Our extensive free of cost product can be used before buying the license.

Get answers to any customer queries in less than 4 hours through our customer helpdesk.

Success of course depends on the goals you want to achieve. Many companies measure return on investment in terms of cost and time savings achieved when automating manual work, and gaining visibility into potential bottlenecks. Some look at the value of reduced risks and improved corporate governance. The potential ROI can be seen in a wide variety of departments and processes interms of product usage and hours saved.

No, we offer both SAAS and cloud based dedicated hosting also based on client demand.

V-OFFICE360 is hosted on highly available, auto scalable, failover, loadbalanced environment. The cloud environment is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI, SOC2. Also hosted in a tier 3 top cloud providers and is SSL enabled domain.

Your data will be accessible to only you.

Since startup companies are new to business they may face lot of challenges that what all tools required to manage day-day activites like projects, staff, operations, processes & statutory norms of organization. Also they spend lot of cost for various tools. Instead they can buy single license of V-OFFICE360 which takes care of complete requirement of any organization. This saves their time, cost and improves efficiency.

We have developed User Manual and Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users.

V-OFFICE360 is scalable completely; in all terms, whether it is database, licensed user or features. The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however, limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time by paying the difference plan amount.

Many companies adopt ERP for the first time when they realize their entry-level accounting software lacks core functionality, scalability and just isn’t giving them the visibility, they need. But V-OFFICE360 software systems help you manage much more than financials. V-OFFICE360 system like SYSPRO’s is developed in a modular way, with applications covering such diverse areas as manufacturing management, distribution logistics, CRM, order management, e-commerce, product lifecycle and engineering control, scheduling, inventory and warehouse management.

If looking for SAAS model, no need any hardware and software.

If looking for cloud based dedicated, no need to worry about hardware & software, since we take care.

If looking for to deploy on your own servers, please contact us for resource requirement since it may vary based on size of the users.

Support team will monitor the Incident/Defect queue throughout 24/7.

Based on the priority (P1, P2, P3, P4) of the defect, support team will analyze and fix the defect.

P1 (Critical or Show stopper): 8 Hours

P2(High severity) : 2 Day

P3 (Moderate Severity) : 3 Days

P4 (Low severity): 3-4 Days

Raise the ticket from our support ticket menu link


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I am happy to say that we purchased an all-in-one Virtual Office Management ERP & automated all of our processes and benefited with huge productivity and cost saving with a single all-in-one ERP instead of various separate software. I highly recommend this product, particularly for Startups.

Mr. Tijil Kumar
TGH technologies, CEO

Since we are a Start-up company and not aware of where to start to manage the day-to-day to day activities. After buying V-OFFICE360 automated our entire organization. The best solution for any startup.

Mr. Jaihavish
SHR Software Solutions, CEO

I just checked the All-in-One Virtual Office Automation ERP. Great thought and WELL DONE guys - you made my day!!! Looks really good!

Mr. Gowri Shankar
iRdha Technologies, CEO

I was searching for a similar ERP that to manage all the departments like HR, Recruitment, Payroll, Accounts, GST Invoice, Project Management, office communicator, vendor management, Asset, Support ticket, Remote Employee management,BD, Sales for my company and finally got all-in-one. This will be rocking and will rule the industry.

Mr. Murali Krishna
Push Digital, CEO

All the modules, from HR to project management is really easy to operate now. V-OFFICE 360 is really the best all-in-one office automation platform to work on.” “V-OFFICE 360 helped us to automate our entire organization, it became simple to manage one software instead of different tools for different functions.

Mr. Murgesh T
Sukalpa Technologies, CEO