Virtual Office Business Management

Management module, covers three main submodules under its canopy. These sub modules are- OKRs, meeting and Reports.


OKR is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals. It is a simple, fast-cadence process that engages each team’s perspective and creativity. It gives agility, alignment in cross functional operations, clear communication and focus.

The submodules of OKR details about- OKRs, Dashboard, Checkin and settings.


A typical business management software is must to cover end to end management data and reports. The Meetings module in V-Office360 covers details and data about Strategic and Tactic meeting. You can add meeting, attendees, and agenda.

Tactic Meeting: Tactical meetings are focused on the meat and potatoes of the business. The main focus for this kind of meeting is to take notes and get started on taking action.

Strategic meeting: A strategic meeting is important for every company. It allows the managers to get a handle on the current status of the business and how it can improve. This meeting includes coming up with a marketing plan, deciding who should work on each aspect of the project, what resources they need, and what the deadline should be.



Reports are filed or stored to memorialize the information gathered. The reports are essential to collecting data on an investigation. Reports module creates different reports covering Sales, Expenses, Expenses vs Income, Leads, Timesheet overview, Leaves, Attendance, Recruitment, Project, Meetings.


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I am happy to say that we purchased an all-in-one Virtual Office Management ERP & automated all of our processes and benefited with huge productivity and cost saving with a single all-in-one ERP instead of various separate software. I highly recommend this product, particularly for Startups.

Mr. Tijil Kumar
TGH technologies, CEO

Since we are a Start-up company and not aware of where to start to manage the day-to-day to day activities. After buying V-OFFICE360 automated our entire organization. The best solution for any startup.

Mr. Jaihavish
SHR Software Solutions, CEO

I just checked the All-in-One Virtual Office Automation ERP. Great thought and WELL DONE guys - you made my day!!! Looks really good!

Mr. Gowri Shankar
iRdha Technologies, CEO

I was searching for a similar ERP that to manage all the departments like HR, Recruitment, Payroll, Accounts, GST Invoice, Project Management, office communicator, vendor management, Asset, Support ticket, Remote Employee management,BD, Sales for my company and finally got all-in-one. This will be rocking and will rule the industry.

Mr. Murali Krishna
Push Digital, CEO

All the modules, from HR to project management is really easy to operate now. V-OFFICE 360 is really the best all-in-one office automation platform to work on.” “V-OFFICE 360 helped us to automate our entire organization, it became simple to manage one software instead of different tools for different functions.

Mr. Murgesh T
Sukalpa Technologies, CEO